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Some Swedish Ford Model As



Nordson 1961 Sport Boat & Trailer

strong>Nordson 1961 Sport Boat

This boat was built by KANO OG BAADEBYGGERI 1961 and was delivered with an special made trailer.
I still have the trailer but not the boat.
The original broschyr is in German language.

The Original trailer from 1961

Sport boat – special construction

Denna båt är byggd med kravell och utan spant. Borden har tråd av rostfritt stål som de hålls samman med.
Byggd i trakterna kring Uppsala. kan ev vara ett 30-talsbygge med tanke på främre däckets breda mahognydelar.

A very special built mahogany sport boat. Look at the picture that shows the inside of the boat and you can see that is differs a lot from the “normal” construction.
Stainless steel wires are inside the wood that keeps everything together.
Built near the town Uppsala in sweden

Swedish Cab Over Race Boat

This Cab Over from the 50-ies was raced by Faley from Kungsör Sweden

Vätö Cabin Mahogany Boat Sweden

Classic Vintage Boat

BåtEvys 001

BåtEvys 002

BåtEvys 003

BåtEvys 004

evys båt 2008 2

BåtEvys 006

Swedish Mahogany Cabin Boat

Swedish mahogany boat

Evys bpt vid hamnen 2

evys båt vid hamnen 1

Swedish Mahogany Boat

Swedish Mahogany Boat
owned by Evy Hedstrom Ingaro / Netclassics

Here we will present information about classis vintage boats