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T-Ford plåtdelar. Ford Model T steel parts . Year ?

fotsteg årsmodell ?

Fotsteg Årsmodell

Running boards ???

Hi I have not seen Running Boards like those before. The moldings are different compared what I´m used to.
No Ford logo. The fenders and running boards comes fråm a 2 seater open Ford Model T 1923 ( runabout).
What year did Ford use those Running Boards or are they an after market product ???
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T Ford Kylsystem , Model T Cooling System

This is the cooling system for the Model T. No water pump. Those were possible to buy as otions at the after market.

Detta är T-Fordens kylsystem. Original från fabriken var de inte försedda med vattenpump. Detta erbjöds på eftermarknaden

T Ford cooling system

Model T Ford Chassis


Ford Model T

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T-Ford chassie




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Ford Model T Toruing 1923

Ford Model T Touring 1923. Owned by Lars Hedstrom, Sweden.