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Nordson 1961 Sport Boat & Trailer

strong>Nordson 1961 Sport Boat

This boat was built by KANO OG BAADEBYGGERI 1961 and was delivered with an special made trailer.
I still have the trailer but not the boat.
The original broschyr is in German language.

The Original trailer from 1961

Gartner Ford Model A Coupe – Wood

This Ford Model A Coupè 1931 is made by Janet Gartner`s husband. It`s made of cherry,walnut,maple,bubinga,mahogany,ash and blue mahoe woods. It takes 4-6 months to sculpture each and every model.

Classic Vintage Boat

BåtEvys 001

BåtEvys 002

BåtEvys 003

BåtEvys 004

evys båt 2008 2

BåtEvys 006

Swedish Mahogany Cabin Boat

Swedish mahogany boat

Evys bpt vid hamnen 2

evys båt vid hamnen 1

Swedish Mahogany Boat

Swedish Mahogany Boat
owned by Evy Hedstrom Ingaro / Netclassics

Here we will present information about classis vintage boats