Dodge Dart GT 1966

This car is an original car that my father bought new 1966. He drow it just a few miles during 25 years and then is was put into long time storage.
Long time storage not always a good way to preserve a car. The engine got stucked and we did not know how the gear box had managed the long time storage.

2010 we lifted out the engine and gearbox and decided to restore bouth of them just to be sure the car will work good for long distance driving.
The official test went good and after getting a new licence the car was out on the road again.

Looking in my old files I did find some original photos of the car from the 70-ies.
Nice to see old pictures as the photo with the car at the BP gasoline Station at Ingarö Sweden. Year around 1975. Old licence plates on the Dart

If you have some items and spare parts for Dart GT please contact us.
We are looking for very nice front light bezels (light rims ), some crome parts for the interior, some knobs, NOS carburator or new / restored one etc.

Lars Hedstrom Netclassics

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Dodge Dart GT 1966 on the road again

Dart GT 1966 from 2010. The car was taken out of storage after more than 20 years “parking” and got the engine and gear box overhauled.
After that repair we got it tested and ready for the road. Hope we can enjoy rides in the Dart every summer from now on.

Lars Hedström Netclassics Sweden

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