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Our Facebook group for Model A “A-Ford 1928-1931 at Facebook”

We have a lot of activity on our Model A page at Facebook.  We seriusly hope that the website still is of interest for you.  We are open for new  ideas what to include in the Netclassics website.  Do you like to have some  Pictures from your club here ?  Tat can easily be done by me. No cost and no profit making from my side.

Go to Facebook and search for the Group by the name   ” A-Ford 1928-1931 at Facebook”   Join the Group and get lots of new Model A Ford Contacts and friends worldwide.

If you like to mail me just use     and in front of  that write    Netclassics.






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Ford Model A & T at Facebook

We just started Groups at Facebook for people interested in Ford Model A and Model T. The Facebook groups are non profit groups and independent from any Club or Company.
You can easily watch and share your pictures and stories at Facebook.
There are also information about Clubs to join and a lot of interesting information about Ford Model T and Ford Model A
If a Facebook Group is “closed” you just ask them to become a member and then it opens up by the admin for that Group.
Instructions are very clearly given for that at Facebook

Sometimes it’s easier to share photos via Facebook than sending them to Netclassics website or any other website.

Now we’ve made ​​it really easy. . Go directly to Facebook

Groups where you can start looking at Facebook

Ford Model A

seach for ” A-ford 1928-1931 at Facebook”  and be a member. Members can read and add material.

Ads are ok.


Ford Model T

We also recommend this Facebook Group “Model A and T Ford Group” in the US that was started by my friend Don Vaughn
Model T and A Ford Group

Ford Model A & T


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Something to selebrate. 18000 views in less than a year !

Ford Model A Phaeton 1928 at Gotland Sweden


Time to celebrate.

November 2012 was the new Netclassics launched at www.

November 2013, we achieved record breaking 18,000 visitors limit. It’s great for a little private website that is all about vehicles and the social community that this hobby creates.

Interest in our older vehicles and the history of technology is increasing and more young people
finds that the hobby brings so much joy and great socializing.

Our talented A Ford Clubs – Private promoters and other Club activities worldwide makes an outstanding contribution to today’s and tomorrow’s youth.
Soon it will be Christmas and lets give each other the best gift you can get. A Christmas together, socializing with each other and do not attach your eyes on mobile phones or on the web.

Thanks to everyone out there who visit us during the past year and I hope to see you on several more times.

Lars Hedstrom

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T-Ford plåtdelar. Ford Model T steel parts . Year ?

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fotsteg årsmodell ?
Fotsteg Årsmodell
Running boards ???

Hi I have not seen Running Boards like those before. The moldings are different compared what I´m used to.
No Ford logo. The fenders and running boards comes fråm a 2 seater open Ford Model T 1923 ( runabout).
What year did Ford use those Running Boards or are they an after market product ???
Please make a comment ! mail me at

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