Model A Fords from Sweden — Svenska AFordar

Ford A Pic Up 1930

Bilderna är från ett A-Ford Rally på Gotland där gästfriheten stod högt på dagordningen.
Rallyslingan var som vi säger, lagom lång och kontrollerna både av lokal som internationell karaktär .
Jag rekommenderar starkt att ni gör ett längre besök på Gotland. Ön är mycket speciell med skiftande landskap från bördiga ängar, tät skog och kala vidder.

The pictures are from an A Ford Rally Gotland and the hospitality and joy was high on the agenda.
The Rally tour was as we say, just the right length and controls ofboth local and international touch.
I strongly recommend that you make a visit to the island. The island is special with its landscape of ……………………………………………………………. green meadows, forests and nice coast line.

This Model A was imported from the US. One of the first time we drove it in Sweden we were near to crash. The steering wheel came loose !!! It had a woodruff key from the water pump instead of the original one. The key was covered with several layers of aluminum folio and then was the steering wheel pressed in place. As we drive the car and turned left the did go straight on….. terrible. Felt like driving a Tivoli car. The steering wheel just spun. Happily the brakes were good. Why does anyone “restore” a car like that and create danger for someone else? We managed to lift the car and with help move the wheels so we got off the road.
After that we always double check everything we not have made in our garage.
Today this car is in a very good shape. Maybe we can buy it back ?
I do like those Coupes !