Early Ford Model A


This picture is of the first Model A delivered to this family 26 of Jan 1928 In Denmark. Obviosly there were several cars delivered very early to Denmark as we can read in the newspapers from Jan 1928 that Ford dealers had the NEW FORD for test drive.

The ship must have left the US in December 1927 with all those cars. These must have had very low chassis numbers. The Model A Roadster A 189 can have been one of the cars that came with the same boat as the cars we now can read in Danish newspapers. A189 was delivered to Stromstad Sweden and sold February 1928 to a Swedish customer.
A189 is still the “oldest” known Model A. It has the lowest known chassis number. Nice car that I did study very well as long as it was in Sweden. Experts in USA know more about those early Model A´s and much can be found at the www.mafca.com website.

We do search för information about the early Model A introduction all over the world.
Please contribute if you can.

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Here follows some “test” material from Denmark. The material needs more work.

First Ford Model A in Denmark?















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Ford Model A – Number 189

The oldest known existing model A in the world is A 189 A189 , one of the 200 very first prototype cars from 1927. This is a presentation of a 1928 Ford Model A Roadster, the earliest known Model A Ford.

The serial number is 189, and that number was found on both the engine and theframe. Number 189 was assembled in November 1927.
In January or February of 1928, this car was exported to Sweden and has been here since March 1928.

The car is in good running condition. We don`t think that any other of the first 200 Model A Fords were sold to customers, as they were not supposed to be sold on the open market.
The demand for the new Ford car was very high during 1928, and as late as June, most of the Ford dealers still didn’t have a single Model A in their showrooms.

It is extremely interesting that this early car managed to get sent overseas. What made it possible for a Swedish buyer to get a New Ford Car as early as in February, 1928? So far, we don`t know. Do you have any spare parts that fit early A’s? For example. we need the rear taillight with the Ford logo stamped on it to restore this car to its 1927 appearance. If you have any information, please let us know.

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