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A-Ford meeting at Gotland 2012 , Boarder Meeting, Gränsträffen

This meeting 2011 was organised by local Model A Ford People at Gotland.
One of the best meetings ever ! Gotland is a very nice place !

Gränsträffen 2011 var organiserad av medlemmar från Gotland.
Detta var en av de trevligaste A-Fordträffarna
Nedan finner ni bilder från täffen.
Foto L Hedstrom / Netclassics

Ford Model A Coupe 1930

This Ford A Cupè 1930 is owned by Erik Hargeby. He has reconstructed the car form a really bad condition. The left side is partly handmade. This car was lying on it`s left side towards the ground in an open field for more than 30 years! It had almost become a part of the nature. Ford A never retires!
Ford Model A Coupe 1930

Ford Model A Standard Sedan 1930

Ford Model A Standard Sedan 1930Ford Model A Standard Sedan 1930

Erik Hargeby wirth his extremely nice 4d Briggs Standard Sedan 1930 after some years of restoration. Erik is a real gentleman and has giving a helping hand to many car enthusiasts. Thanks for the help Erik!