Ford Model A in Finland – “The Great Spirit Race”

“The Great Spirit Race” by Risto Sihvola in Finland

Suuri Pirtukeikka 2007 ixus 038


Ford Model A from Finland



I organized some years ago one race named “The Great Spirit Race” like Prohibition Style (Suuri Pirtukeikka in Finnish) we transported “500 litres spirit” from Helsinki coast to Rovaniemi. The route consisted 12 legs about 80-100 km per each. A Ford club members were able to drive one or more legs as they feld like. It was carried out as a relay race, “spirit cans” were as a baton, which moved from car to car and at least all of them were transported to Rovaniemi. Driving time was 24 hours + sleeping time in Jacobstad (Pietarsaari) in western coast , It was very nice and funny happening.

Risto Sihvola
Past chairman of The Finnish A Ford Club


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