EARLY Ford Model A cars are always interesting

To help you finding more information about the very early pre serie cars that arrived to Scandinavia please look under the tag A189 –


Here is a rear lamp that is correct for the very EARLY MODEL A


More very interesting information can also be found at :








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Original Ford Model AA from Norway and Tranås Sweden


The Pictures from Norwegan built model AA and As are given to us from Odd Magnar Ringvold. Thanks indeed Odd Magnar

Här kan ni se en del av den Nordiska historien om hur A-Fordar anpassades i Norge när det gällde påbyggnader, olika karossutföranden osv.

Ett stort antal originalbilder har Odd Magnar Ringvold gett oss möjlighet att visa er här.  Stort tack till dig Odd Magnar !

Först kommer bilder som visar en Ford A 1,5 ton 1929 med Svenskbyggd hytt o flak.  Denna bil har gått i Tranås. Den gick i trafik till 1964 och ur registret några år senare.


Swedish Ford  Model A 1,5 ton  1929


Here are interesting Model A and AA Pictures from Norway
Here is a slideshow : If you klick at the small Picture you will get in bigger size + you have a album behind every Picture…


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Ford Model A Victoria unrestored

This Victoria in one of mine Model A:s

Maybe the one that need most work. Love the model so I hink I can get it back to running condition again.
If anyone of you have parts that is in better condition that fits Victora please let me know.
Netclassics()Hotmail.com ()=@

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Ford Model A Tudor 3-door Sedan. Delivery

Ford 3-door Sedan 1931

A Ford Model A Tudor with a rear door is an interesting car. The door seems to be added at the Danish Ford Motor Factory already in 1931. I was told that this car once was used as  delivery car at a bakery. The car has been storaged in a Garage in the center of Stockholm / Sweden for more that 40 years. Now is it up and runing again. First start up was three weeks after I took it out from the storage. Ok there were some job to just get it going. Later on I had to do a more to get it roadworthty. After some weeks of intensive work in the Garage it did run fairly well. Nowdays it is in very much better condition and runs and drives prefectly.

More Pictures of this car can be found at Facebook Group ” A-Ford 1928-1931 at Facebook



Sometimes the pressure of time to get a car ready is high and so it was this time. Our daughter wanted the Model A-Ford at her wedding . I offered her a Caddilac 1939 cabrio but she said to me. “Dad, we’ve grown up with Model A-Fords, we have holidays driving the A-Fords so now I really expect you to get this A in running condition dad “Ok I have had Model A.s for more that 40 years so there must be a fair chance to get it done in a short time.  There was just 3 weeks free time  aviable for the “restauration”.I made it !  The car got a new upholstery, new tires, new electrical system, brake overhaul, new wheel bearings, restored water pump, new radiator, new motor head etc

More information can be found at  at Facebook:   I have the Facebook Group named  ” A-Ford 1928-1931 at Facebook ”  and   also  under my name ” Lars Hedström

1184833_596408830396580_954445999_nProud parents, Evelyn and Lars Hedstrom,  after our daughters wedding



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Ford Model A meeting 2011 Gotland, A-Ford Gränsträff Gotland 2011

Here follows just some minor wideo clips just forward driving in a Ford Model A Phaeton 1928.
Not so fun clips but they were not aimed for this page really. Nice anyhow to see that it is summer time.
There are really better Photos at the Post Gränsträffen that you also find at Netclassics.

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Cadillac 1939

Cadillac 1939

Anders Läck ( Sweden)
Cadillac 1939




Caddillac 1939 Photo 1939 in Stockholm
Delivery photo from 1939 in Stockholm Sweden


Cadillac 1939 on tour in Sweden

Cadillac 1939 on tour in Sweden

Cadillac V-8 1939
7533 7-seater convertible
Body by Nordbergs Vagnfabrik, Sweden
Chassis number 3291068
Swedish registration number HOC 126.

This car was exported to Sweden as a ”CKD”, Crated Knocked Down. The chassis with cowl was exported in a huge wooden box and the car then assembled by General Motors in Stockholm.
The huge convertible body was designed and built by Nordbergs Vagnfabrik in Stockholm, a company that had built bodies for horse-drawn vehicles and cars since the beginning of the 20th century. They were known for their elegant bodies on Rolls-Royce, Isotta-Fraschini, Mercedes-Benz 540K, Packard and many other fine cars. Reputedly this Cadillac had in 1939 the longest convertible top in the world built in one piece. It is remarkably easy to raise or lower the top due to a special construction with a springloaded counterweight in the trunk.
The car vas built for the managing director Martin Waldenström of Grängesberg AB (one of Sweden’s oldest mining companies) and used at his manor at Nådhammar in Södermanland (south-west of Stockholm).
For many years it was widely used in Sweden and abroad as a rally car by Bert Andersson, one of the foremost enthusiasts for old cars in Sweden.
Anders Läck is now the third owner of the car, which has been brought to the USA for the Cadillac 100 Year celebrations in 2002. It has taken part in many rallies, as in Scotland/England in 1996 and the Rally Mondial in France 1998.

Anders Läck
Hyrverket AB, Blekingegatan 46
S-116 62 Stockholm, Sweden
e-mail anders.lack@freyshotels.com

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Early Ford Model A


This picture is of the first Model A delivered to this family 26 of Jan 1928 In Denmark. Obviosly there were several cars delivered very early to Denmark as we can read in the newspapers from Jan 1928 that Ford dealers had the NEW FORD for test drive.

The ship must have left the US in December 1927 with all those cars. These must have had very low chassis numbers. The Model A Roadster A 189 can have been one of the cars that came with the same boat as the cars we now can read in Danish newspapers. A189 was delivered to Stromstad Sweden and sold February 1928 to a Swedish customer.
A189 is still the “oldest” known Model A. It has the lowest known chassis number. Nice car that I did study very well as long as it was in Sweden. Experts in USA know more about those early Model A´s and much can be found at the www.mafca.com website.

We do search för information about the early Model A introduction all over the world.
Please contribute if you can.

My best regards

Lars Hedstroem

netclassics (at) hotmail.com

Here follows some “test” material from Denmark. The material needs more work.

First Ford Model A in Denmark?















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