We can help you finding spare parts for Ford Model A and T Ford from Sweden,

Contact us at + 46 8 570 28162 or mail info(at)netclassics.com (at) =@
By us you can come in contact with the right persons and find the missing parts.
We are indeed glad to help you out. We have been in the Hobbby since 1970
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Lars Hedstrom
Early Ford A Register &
Netclassics / Lassaboxen
Founded 1986


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Automobilhistoriska Klubben
Svenska T-Fordklubben
Early Ford A Register
Nickel & Mässing
Svenska Veteranbilsklubben
WPC car club
Gotlands Veteranbilsklub
Opel Commodore Club
Svenska A-Fordarna,
Museiföreningen Sveriges Fritidsbåtar
Classic Race Boat Club
Citroen B11 Klubben

Our Private Cars
Ford Model A Town Sedan 1931
Ford Model A Town Sedan 1930
Ford Model A 4 door Sedan
Ford Model A Tudor (with rear door) 1931
Ford Model T Touring 1923
Dodge Dart GT 1966
Opel Commodore Coupe 1977
9 of peugeot 205 CTI (cabrio)
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Lars Hedström

Netclassics / Early Ford A Register

&  Lassaboxen Model A Ford Parts